Sam Wiles co-hosts the long-running Los Angeles comedy show "Rod Stewart Live."
He recorded his debut album in 2020 at Flat Black Studios, an intimate recording studio and performance venue outside of his hometown in Iowa. This poster (left) was used as promotion online and in print for the recording event, and the sticker (right) was used to promote the album release. 
Conor Sullivan vividly depicts Bobby "Boris" Pickett's true and truly strange life story in this biopic—He Did The Mash. These posters were made to promote the screenplay on social media and
On the Raised By TV podcast, hosts Jon Gabrus and Lauren Lapkus reminisced about the pop culture, TV, and movies of their childhoods, along with their guests. I created these two piece of fan art for them, which Earwolf then printed onto pint glasses and sold as merch.  
Joe Fernandez is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian. His first album, UGLY, debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts in June 2020. This design was used for digital promotion and the album artwork itself. 
Behind The Curve (2018) is a documentary feature that discusses the rise in the anti-science, flat-Earther movement growing on YouTube, and around the globe. This poster represented the film at 18 different film festivals including at Hot Docs in Toronto, and the Los Angeles Film Festival for its United States premiere. The full film is streaming on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon now. 
"Leave" is a thoughtful and tense short film addressing the concerns of a new mother choosing between staying home with her child or pursuing her career, and the mental and emotional stress that comes with that decision. This poster was printed for the film's premiere and used on social media. 
River Rising is a folk duo based out of Chicago. Their EP, When I Find You, was released digitally and on CD with these designs and illustrations in 2014, and this 2013 band poster was used digital and in print.
RoCo: Rock (2010) and The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival (2014) were two genre blending productions that grew out of the Chicago indie performance scene. These posters were used across social media and in print. 
"Coq au Vin" (2009) follows a young woman returning from her life in the city to her childhood home after a death in the family. This poster was printed for the film's premiere and to promote the film digitally. 
Potential Boyfriends and Your Funniest Friends are comedy groups that emerged from the vibrant indie comedy scene in Chicago. Potential Boyfriends have been performing together since 2010, and continue to perform at Chicago's Second City in their weekly show, Ten Dollar Comedy. Your Funniest Friends now individually perform as stand-up comics in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These posters were both used for print and digital promotions. 
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