Hi. I'm Mike.
     I'm Michael Lloyd, a Los Angeles based illustrator, animator, graphic designer, and video editor, which means most of the projects that I get to work on are pretty exciting. Whether I'm animating motion graphics, illustrating children's books, or designing movie posters, my "work" usually turns out to be too much fun to be called that.
     I've done a lot of projects in a lot of different industries, so below you'll find a little guide to the portfolio that I've put together through the years. I started working as an animator 13 years ago, and have been working in graphic design and illustration for almost as long. My wonderful wife Meghan and I recently moved to Los Angeles, and I'm hoping our new home will present opportunities to work with even more creative individuals and on even cooler projects.
     I hope you like what you find. If you do, and you've got a project on the horizon, drop me an email. Until then, enjoy looking around.

Contact Me
e: likemoyd@gmail.com

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