Projects and roles in demo reel:
Thirsty Documentary Short • camera operator, video editor
WHAT IS SOAP EXACTLY? Comedy Short • motion graphics, video editor, compositor 
Duuple App Video • motion graphics, video editor
Pet Pulse "Trunking" • video editor, motion graphics
Pet Pulse "Rational Animal" • video editor, motion graphics, camera operator
Pet Pulse "Urban Livestock" • video editor, motion graphics Shelter Makeover II • motion graphics, video editor, compositor, camera operator
Lloyd Family • photographer, video editor
Aperture "Night Lighting" • video editor, motion graphics
Timelapse drawings • illustrator, video editor
"How To Lie" • design, animation
"Jesus Christ's Last Day" • design, animation
UFC 1: Origins of the Octagon • design, animation
Rogue Creative animated logo • animation
TBA documentary feature • design, animation
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